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Shoes Girls Must Have In Her Wardrobe

If you are shopaholic you don’t only want stylish attire but also trendy shoes. Buying good shoes is a guilty shopping pleasure because footwear is of utmost importance as style starts from the shoe upwards. Shoes play a massive part in how a dress eventually seems.

Certain shoe choices conflicting with style of a dress or weather can lead to fashion nightmares. It is best to wear however you feel but you have to be consistent with your surroundings yet very stylish.

Selection Of A Good Pair:

Sometimes it becomes tricky to select a good pair of shoes for a particular event because different occasions call for different shoes. Some people want only comfort but some are choosy and conscious about designs. Select the right shoe for your foot type.

Must-Have Collection:

In the busy life routine you are on the run for something or the other all the time so you need comfortable and comfy shoes. You don’t have to wait a second longer to shop latest trends, simply go to Nordstrom and check out the new collection of must-have shoes. Find the new ways you can walk down the style aisle in the footwear and pack your pair now.

Of all attire, footwear is most important to any outfit as the whole look depends upon the shoes one is wearing.

Women’s cowboy boots are favorite footwear style as you can wear it during every season. Other options are black motorcycle boots, flip flops, platform sandals, strappy sandals, peep-toe pumps, booties, the classic pump, ballet flats and athletic shoes.

Flat Sandals:

You must have sandals in your collection as they go well pretty much with every dress. You can use flat shoes for the beach days, casual days. Buy and wear your pair of comfortable ankle strap sandals with denim jumpsuit to walk in a style.


Pumps are the best thing to go on a party night. Put on a pair and you are on your way.


Sneakers are an essential pick you need to have in your shoe rack as they are super comfortable. You can use them with high tops as it is a famous trend.


It is a great bet to make you look beautiful. You can wear it with your favorite minis and shorts.

Shoes Are Tools:

You need accurate walking footwear to maintain the proper walking technique without any injury. Shoes are just like a tool and without the proper tackle, you are probably hurt yourself.

Shoes & Your Body:

When you walk your movement also affects other parts of your body and if footwear don’t give the required hold up for the heels and arches, you will feel hard to walk.  Correct shoes can protect you from a bad walking schedule.

Footwear is certainly the most necessary part of a girl’s wardrobe which makes them more glamorous and stylish. So wear a pair of shoes that are fitting and complimentary of any attire.