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Types of Kratom Strains | What are the best strains which you needs to Buy

Kratom is a plant from the coffee plant family. It has a variety of herbal medical importance. The plant origin is Southern Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar among others. Kratom, however, has spread to other parts of the world like the US. The stimulant effect of Kratom depends on the type of variety.

Euphoria for example that is a Kratom strain brings relaxation, pain relief, and energy effect to the user. In this article, I will take you through some of the Kratom stains we have and some of the Kratom importance.

  1. Red strain Kratom

Red strain Kratom is the most popular Kratom strains. It is the classic product of euphoric Kratom. Its leaves elongate above the Kratom tree to access sunlight.

Red strain Kratom leaves form powder after drying then composed into a capsule. Varieties of this strain help relieve pain. We have a wide range of Kratom with the red strain that includes;

  • Red Bali from Indonesia and is best especially to the beginner of Kratom. It provides users with a sense of relaxation when used
  • Red Vietnam from Vietnam and has a relaxation effect on the user. It is an excellent euphoric strain Kratom of all Kratoms.
  • Red Thai from Thailand mainland whose euphoric sense is slightly low
  • Red Maeng Da from Thailand with strong euphoric effect among others
  1. Green Kratom strain

Green Kratom strain is almost similar to whiteKratom strain. It has a clear head and energy effect on users with a relaxing effect. The effect results depend on the amount of Kratom in the users’ body

Green Kratom varieties include

  • Green MaengDa origin is Thailand and has a very effective pain reliever and energy boost effect on the body.
  • Green Malay from Thailand with increased mind stimulation effect on users
  • Green Vietnam from Vietnam with great mind stimulation effect just like green Malay among others
  1. Yellow strain

Yellow strains are almost similar to redKratom strain. Their leaf makes the Kratom powder. Through fermentation, yellow strains give an advanced euphoric effect.

Among varieties of yellow strains, we have includes

  • Yellow Borneo from North Borneo with euphoric effect, mind energy feeling, and a feeling of body relaxation
  • Yellow Kapuas from Malaysia with robust recreation, and euphoric effect
  • Yellow Gold from Indonesia that comes after a long period to dry to give a healthy euphoric effect

Other varieties of the same exist.

  1. White Kratom strains

White Kratom strains are the most popular stains in the Kratom family. These strains give users relaxation and mental energy at the time of use.

Among varieties we have in white strains includes

  • White Bali from Indonesia with a relaxation effect on the body
  • White Bornea from North Borneo which is a sharp pain killer
  • White Maeng Da from Thailand with an excellent relaxing effect
  • White Dampar from native Indonesia with a relaxing effect among others
  1. Mixed kratom strain

Mixed kratom strain comprises of all kratom brands. Mixed Maeng is the most popular mixed Kratom followed by Hulu Kapuas.

Examples of mixed Kratom includes

  • Mixed Maeng Da from Malaysia which brings combination energy to your body
  • Mixed Malay also from Malaysia with relaxation, pain relief, and euphoric effects
  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan from Malaysia even with mixed energy feeling and a body relaxation feeling


If you need kratom strain, look through among those we have discussed. Hope you will benefit from the list.